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Insertion Point

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  1. Catheter insertion points for cardiac ablation. During cardiac ablation, catheters are passed through a vein in order to reach your heart. Catheters may be inserted in your groin, your shoulder or your neck.
  2. Launch the Move command, select the objects, and specify a base point where you want the Insertion point of the block to be. 4. For the ‘Second point of displacement’, enter 0,0. 5.
  3. Jan 30,  · Then that point becomes the insertion point of the family. If you place more than one adaptive placement point, then the first point will be the insertion point of the family. If you have several adaptive placement points, and you renumber the points, the point marked with the number 1 is the insertion point of the family.
  4. Jul 23,  · To add another (or multiple) insertion point (s) to the block: Click on the “ Parameters ” tab of the palette Click “ Point ” from the palette Click to place the new point.

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